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The "trees" are decorated with Christmas lights for an annual holiday "Fantasyland" display.A building referred to as "the Castle" was crafted from a variety of petrified wood and thousands of pounds of petrified dinosaur and mammoth bones.Lemmon, a town along the upper reaches of South Dakota, is justly proud of their Petrified Wood Park.Bigger than the classic post cards suggest, the tourist attraction fills an entire city block in the heart of downtown.Instead of wasting precious time and money going out, you have the opportunity of meeting a lot more people than you would if you were to go out, all from the comfort of your own home. It can be done when you join a South Dakota dating site.Think about it, by joining a dating site in South Dakota, you can meet singles right in your home town that you never see, but you can also broaden your search to other towns anywhere in the state! We’ve all been on those lackluster dates that leave us feeling bored and wondering why we even left the house. Take a two-hour round trip journey from Hill City to Keystone on the 1880 Train. The publisher says the title’s too long, but this is important stuff. This is a kid-friendly place; nobody cares if you climb a sphere, and there’s even a hands-on museum in the park.

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Only days later, a South Dakota legislator has been forced to resign over the revelations he’s had sexual contact with interns: A South Dakota legislator who admitted having sexual contact with two interns resigned on Monday, saying he regretted his actions during the past two legislative sessions. Mathew Wollmann, 26, said last week that both interns were over age 21 and that the contact during the 20 legislative sessions was consensual.MOSTLY, THIS MAGAZINE is for our parents and grandparents, those stuffy adults we love so dearly. You’ll see abandoned mines, deer and wild turkeys scattered about Tin Mill Hill and into Oblivion.But this particular feature is done with us and our friends in mind. The 10-mile-an-hour ride gives you time to solve a major dilemma: whether to buy fudge or ice cream when you arrive in Keystone. And remember you’re riding a historic line, laid during the 1890s mining boom. The cowboy nods, the gate opens and he hangs on for dear life. And there are certain things that a kid can only do here in South Dakota. And here’s what we came up with — An ‘Oughta Do’ List for Kids in South Dakota. — For the best luck, throw someone else’s money into the world’s oldest wishing well, which you’ll find at Lemmon’s Petrified Wood Park, a lunarlike assortment of spires, castles, benches, trees and even a waterfall — all made in the 1930s from petrified wood dating back 50 million years.