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27-Jun-2020 16:02

Six finalists have been chosen to throw down their best performances in winning the AX Band Champ Trophy.

Fault, Sounddrug, Little Alto, Dream Rush, Black Crystal and Midnight Shinigami will battle it out to be number one.

Have you ever wondered how a zombie is created for TV and movies? One random audience member will be selected to be the lucky victim... Find answers to your questions about the convention, discuss anime and manga with other con-goers, or let us know what you'd like to see and do at Anime North!

Anime North is proud to be one of the many fund raisers for the international Hospital for Sick Children Foundation that is based in Toronto, ON.

Our many activities for "Sick Kids" as it's affectionately known as, has raised over ,000 in the previous years.

One of our signature events is the Anime North All Star Charity Auction - read more...

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And while I wasn’t really EXPECTING to have success, I also wasn’t closed to the possibility. From the South Side of Chicago, De Ray Davis has made himself into a comedic force – he puts on one of the best live shows we’ve ever seen at the Improv.His idea was so popular that Sci-Fi Speed Dating actually got its on series on TLC, called “Geek Love”.In order to avoid stalking issues, no one gives their real names at Sci-Fi Speed Dating events.Ryan Glitch, the man who came up with the idea for Sci-Fi Speed dating, actually met his girlfriend at one of these events and is now on a mission to help fellow geeks find their Princess Leia, Catwoman, or whatever other fictional character they might fancy.