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21-Jul-2020 00:02

The Group has also established its niche in the provision of wafer testing services to the automotive devices industry, which generally has more stringent quality and technical requirements compared to other types of wafers.As part of its testing services, the Group provides test program development, conversion and optimization services, load board and probe card design, and leases its testers to its customers for trial and pilot testing purposes on an ad hoc basis.To understand how a liquidating dividend works, you have to understand how a regular dividend works.

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In other words, this is a return on the investors investment in the company.No distribution, however, which is preferential within the meaning of section 562(c) and § 1.562-2 shall be eligible for the dividends paid deduction.Moreover, when computing the dividends paid deduction with respect to a U. person (as defined in section 957(d)), no distribution which is excluded from the gross income of a foreign corporation under section 959(b) with respect to such person or from gross income of such person under section 959(a) shall be eligible for suchdeduction.Sometimes companies that you own make distributions that are eligible for special tax treatment and do not have to be reported as regular dividend income.