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I’m going to list a few facets of our situation in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Each of these is a part of the story in Sand Castle and a gameplay mechanic in Afghanistan ’11.

Thus, finally, there is what one hopes is a fitting testament to all the work done by Peter Scott, Dennis Harding and all their helpers.

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The fruit is described in John Laurence's (Rector of Bishop Wearmouth) 1727 guide 'A New System of Agriculture: Being a Complete Body of Husbandry and Gardening', as "one of the best peaches we have, being a beautiful, high-tasted, hardy, and never-failing bearer on a South-East or South-West Wall".

A small exploratory trench, opened to try to locate the moat gatehouse at Hornby in the general location shown in the 16 plans was not able to locate it because of subsequent activity and the dense pattern of vegetation in the area.