Who is antwon tanner dating

08-May-2020 02:46

Thirty-seven percent, however, said he should be fired since he was found guilty of a crime.

Less than two months after Nathan Kress (aka Freddie Benson) and London Elise Moore tied the knot in Los Angeles, two more "i Carly" actors have gotten hitched.

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prison but has not been fired from the show, according to

He pointed out that Tanner had a six-figure income but has since suffered financially.

In a poll I conducted in August, 44 percent of voters said this should be irrelevant to Tanner’s career on the show.

The actor is looking at three months in prison and another five months of house arrest after admitting to selling stolen Social Security numbers.

According to MTV.com, Tanner sold more than 12 Social Security numbers to an undercover agent for ,000.

Antwon Tanner, aka Antwon "Skills" Taylor also flooded his Insta feed with pics of him and his former castmates.