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This is Dr KPELEDE the witch doctor from nigeria, I am a strong powerful witch doctor who helps people, I and my son called oyu are very serious to help those that has been scam and those that seek help in this wonderful world. Ok so there's probably better examples because that wasn't technically a glamoring but it's the same thing. I don't know why so many people missed that, Alcide shouts something on the lines of "fucking Bill and Eric" and storms out... And finally Jason is the tool he ever wanted to be in the first place(at least Violet is fun although a little too much Pam-y[substitution? One reason is that they did not show us where Pam flew to.

Instead he became a star athlete, playing basketball, volleyball and football. Lebanon High School until he was sidelined by an injury.Undeterred, he spent a year at University of Pittsburgh practicing his craft.Manganiello became one of 17 students accepted into the Carnegie Mellon program the following year., which was set in his native Pittsburgh. Also, there is a difference between faeries and faery vampires. It seems like faery vampire blood is way stronger than faery blood, hence it seems to last forever until the donor is dead.

I believe the place where Eric was at might have been referenced on season 3, so maybe that's where she was going anyway.

After making a Target run, all of the sun-soaked vamps play a friendly game of volleyball. Pam’s buzz has apparently worn off and Tara asks her not to go after Eric. Cut to Bill who has apparently lost his Billith powers (because the other vamps fed on him so much?