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30-Jun-2020 17:00

Some plays presented in multiple productions exemplifying various interpretations of the text, and technical and cultural differences among the presentations.

Stage work of directors and actors are cross-searchable and available for side-by-side comparison.

A special report produced for Mr Putin by the FSB, Russia’s main KGB successor agency, and Russia’s financial monitoring service, reportedly highlighted the activities of two Cypriot registered companies, Far East Land Bridge and Regional Hotel Chain.

Far East Land Bridge, which is partnered with a Russian Railways subsidiary to promote trans-Eurasian rail freight as a quicker alternative to shipping goods between Asia and Europe via the Suez Canal, was linked to Andrei Yakunin’s London based firm, Venture Investments & Yield Manangement LLP, by a Reuters investigation in 2012.

“In the situation of war with the west, that was considered an act of treachery,” a source told the channel.

The story of Putin's fabled billions is a case study of something which people passionately believe in independently of any facts.