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Tremé ended its third season on UK television in June 2013 (the final fourth season begins on Sky Atlantic on April 8), and it was a suitably clever, defiant and enthralling end to another season of the HBO drama.More than the increasingly uneven Mad Men, Tremé is, for me, the best programme currently on television.The similarities between Lucia Micarelli and Annie Tee, the character she portrays on HBO's Treme, are striking -- obviously.Both are passionate, expressive musicians who slowly but surely are building a buzz after investing years of training as classical violinists.

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Six of the main parts are women: Oscar winning Melissa Leo (who plays a spirited civil rights lawyer called Antoinette 'Toni' Bernette); Emmy-winning Khandi Alexander (below, as bar owner La Donna Batiste-Williams); Kim Dickens (as chef Janette Desautel, below); Lucia Micarelli (as violinist Annie), Phyllis Montana Le Blanc (as Desiree) and India Ennenga (as teenager Sofia Bernette) are all excellent.Dave Kessler first signed up for online dating in 1996 and he's lived to tell the tales.If you think you've been on some crazy dates, check out Dave's story about going flying to El Paso to meet a woman from e Harmony...Credit a team of talented and flexible writers for keeping it real by tailoring Annie's backstory to fit Lucia's background.

Micarelli, 27, is four years older than Annie, a bit more advanced and certainly more confident in her playing ability.In those documents, BSA officials urged admitted child molesters to quietly resign and helped to cover their tracks with the parents and community.Many that resigned cited unusual reasons for leaving the organization, such as “chronic brain dysfunction” and duties at a Shakespeare festival.Lucia Micarelli (born July 9, 1983) is an American violinist and actress best known for her collaborations with Josh Groban and classic rock band Jethro Tull, and her role as Annie Talarico in Treme.