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16-May-2020 09:25

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Below are four examples I knew off the top of my head, all from this season, of players delivering undeniably dirty hits that carried no intent but to injure an opponent. And all four of them have well-earned reputations as heels. This might have gotten more attention if Will Smith had recently starred in a movie about the NFL covering up the dangers of fractured skulls.

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That call was offset by intentional grounding in the final minute against Newton, who got utterly blasted on the side of the chin by Stewart, yet rose and completed two passes to get the Panthers in range for the winning field-goal attempt Graham Gano missed wide left from 50 yards.

Marshall, whose hit in the third quarter was not flagged, was fined ,309 for impermissible use of a helmet, a source told ESPN."That's a huge fine, I know what it looks like, it looked bad, but that's a lot of money, so yes I'm upset about it," Marshall told reporters on Wednesday.Replays clearly showed the contact, but Stewart said after the game that he believed he was playing within the rules."I thought I got him with my shoulder, too,'' Stewart said."But he's a hard player to tackle, he's so big, and when he runs, he leans like a running back, coming right at you.''Stewart and Marshall's fines raise the Broncos' season total by defensive players to three.I think that’s our moment.”Now, there’s a difference being physical and being reckless.