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I have all of you in my hear, in my mind, thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you for all of your love and beautiful messages.”The caption was accompanied by a photo of the television journalist at sea, viewing a beautiful sunset and making a heart with her hands.

"The bikinis are kind of nonexistent, so you might as well be naked." Penelope Cruz Penelope Cruz posed for the infamous Pirelli calendar in 2007 completely naked, with nothing but a sheet and apple for accessories.One of the main purposes of Santos' visit is to encourage the president to support a peace deal and uphold Obama's promise of 0milllion in foreign aid to his country, reported the Miami Herald.It is speculated they met with president in hopes to deter him from supporting this plan, as Uribe and Pastrana have come out against the arrangement, along with Rubio who has voiced his dislike of the deal, according to MSNBC.“Very soon the truth will come to the light and the enemy will be unmasked. #God Is Good All The Time.”Prior to her outing from the Spanish-language network, Bermudo had hinted at a change in her life.

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“Ready to dominate and only add good things”, she captioned a pic of a calculator and a notebook with the words “plans for world domination.

Rubio said: 'No, I didn't have anything to do with that meeting. My understanding is that President Uribe and the former President [Pastrana] happened to head over to the Mar-a-Lago and bump into the president while he was there.'But I didn’t even know President Uribe would be in Florida.'According to the White House, the meeting was just a brief encounter with Trump as he walked by the two men.