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ist Redakteur beim SPIEGEL und Autor des Bestsellers "Unter Linken - Von einem, der aus Versehen konservativ wurde".

Nach dem Mauerfall für den SPIEGEL in Leipzig, dann in Berlin und New York, wo er vier Jahre als Wirtschaftskorrespondent arbeitete; seit 2005, pünktlich zum langen Abschied von Rot-Grün, wieder in Berlin.

The sexual revolution is clearly one of those ideological battlegrounds—like the conflicts over college curricula, abortion, and "the sixties"—where liberals and conservatives clash over culture, politics, and religion simultaneously.

Many liberals would insist—rightly—that the sexual revolution helped bring about changes for the better: broader rights for gays and women, wider use of contraceptives, acceptance of premarital cohabitation.

But is this backlash against the revolution a reality?

What is the connection between public morality and public health?

Sexual libido had been colonised and brought into the service of capitalism’s nexus of production and consumption.

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Capitalism demanded self-restraint and compulsive work, both it was argued were contrary to any liberated and spontaneous sexual expression.

Liberals, on the other hand, still champion what they consider to be the revolution's moral gains; they advocate improving contraceptive availability and sex education to preserve these gains while fighting disease and raising awareness.

Today we live with what many people believe—despite some studies showing sexual activity today to be as promiscuous as, if not more promiscuous than, at the height of the revolution—is a counterrevolution ushered in by AIDS.

There has been significant shifts in social attitudes, behaviours and institutional regulations surrounding sexuality since Freud opened the door to the bedroom.

Sexuality throughout the 20th century has moved closer to the centre of public debate than ever before.

What is clear is that the drug had a far greater impact within marriage itself.