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09-Jul-2020 14:18

Maintaining updated AMD Processor software prevents crashes and maximizes hardware and system performance.Using outdated or corrupt AMD Processor drivers can cause system errors, crashes, and cause your computer or hardware to fail.Upgrading a desktop processor, or CPU, might sound intimidating, but it's an easier (and cheaper) way to boost your PC or laptop's speed than you think.PC Advisor explains how to upgrade your PC's processor.In addition to a new CPU you may also need other additional components (new heat sink, thermal paste) and to upgrade your motherboard BIOS.The new GP-10 puts a universe of amazing tones and tunings at your command, all in one compact processor that's affordable and easy to use.These two data are written on the motherboard manual.If you don’t have your motherboard manual, please read our tutorial How to Find Out Your Motherboard Manufacturer and Model.

The CPU is a critical component of any computer system so before you decide to upgrade make sure you have read and understood all the steps below.

While LGA1156 will probably soon be superseded, the other three are likely to be with us for some time.

LGA775 will probably be relegated to budget machines and eventually phased out.

You can only replace your CPU with another CPU that uses the same socket.

Otherwise you will need to replace also your motherboard (and maybe other components, like memory, if your new motherboard requires a different kind of memory, for example).

This page contains information about installing the latest AMD Processor driver downloads using the AMD Driver Update Tool.