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30-Jul-2020 14:14

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The code in Example 2 creates a bare-bones property that adds a static part compared to a standard property implementation.var dependency Observable = require("ui/core/dependency-observable"); Property Property = new dependency Observable. None)); var My Class = (function (_super) )(dependency Observable. My Class = My Class; import dependency Observable = require("ui/core/dependency-observable"); export var my Property Property = new dependency Observable. None) ); export class My Class extends dependency Observable.This provides the flexibility if you want to change the look and feel of how one piece of information is displayed.All you need to do is change the attribute and the user interface control will be rendered to a completely different custom control.The available constraints include: When a browser supports HTML5 validation, it automatically attempts to validate if the input matches the defined constraints before it allows the form submission.

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It shows the custom message below but when I try and use :values or :other it just prints that out in text.

To display the icon after the input field, I am tempted to just use pseudo-class and pseudo-element all together like, to make your code more semantic.