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She has stated herself that she has not even heard of him. he dated her back in 1981 to 82 and had to leave her, but he came back to her a few years ago, she's very happy content now!She has stated herself that she has not even heard of him.There are only a couple of hours left before Nicks has to be back onstage in her black corset and skirt, harmonizing once more on "The Chain" with a guy she dumped during the Ford administration.

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" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This was posted by David Coffin himself, who is (literally) a person who suffers from Schizophrenia.Wonder was married once before, to Motown singer Syreeta Wright, and their marriage lasted from 1970 to 1972. Superior Court Judge Ray Jurado yesterday ruled that prosecutors had presented enough evidence for a jury to decide whether Alpha L. Diaz extorted Wonder by threatening to sell it to various media outlets if they weren't paid by the Grammy-winning musician.tevie Nicks got to sleep at home last night for once, her skinny, half-blind, half-hairless 16-year-old dog, Sulamith, snuggling at her feet, in a four-poster bed too tall for either of them.